While becoming your own boss can be exciting, it pays to plan ahead so you can enjoy ongoing success.

Set yourself up for success

It’s unlikely that any business owner will plan to fail. But a failure to plan can set a business up for unexpected surprises which in turn can interrupt the potential the business has for success.

You have a better chance of achieving business success when you consider:

  • The most important factors in starting a new business
  • Any exposure to risk that you, any employees or your business may have and the protection you need
  • Your legal obligations to employees and/or contractors.

How we can help

Working for yourself can be liberating but it also comes with challenges. We can work with you and help you to consider:

  • The financial planning aspects of your business plan
  • Any impact on your superannuation when you’re working for yourself
  • Any tax concessions that may apply if you choose to exit the business.

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