Planning to start a family or expand your existing family unit can be one of life’s greatest joys. It also often causes expenses to go up and income to drop as one or both of you take time off from work.

Stay ahead

It’s true that a reduction in income can present immediate challenges. But your long-term financial position can be affected too.

Being prepared for upcoming expenses can help you find the balance between today and tomorrow while you have peace of mind that you’re giving your children the best start in life.

How we can help

We’re here to help you look ahead and be prepared for all that comes with growing your family—for example:

  • The real costs of raising kids, including child care and education costs
  • How your household income will be affected when you have a child, and any impacts on other goals you may have
  • What types and how much insurance cover you’ll need to protect your family and your children.

Explore your options with the help of an expert

Look after my family

Planning your future