You may be planning to pass items of value to your loved ones or you may have received an inheritance as the beneficiary of a loved one’s will.

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When assets are transferred as part of an inheritance there can be financial implications for those who receive money, property, shares or even an item of value.

People often receive an inheritance unexpectedly and it can be challenging to understand the implications of any decisions made or special obligations that may apply. We can help you consider all of the financial implications. For example, the nature of any taxation implications that may need to be paid on an item received.

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Whether you’re a beneficiary or the person leaving something behind, an inheritance is a timely reminder of the need to have a valid will in place. A valid will can allow your loved ones to come to terms with your death without having to worry about tying up loose ends and putting your affairs in order themselves. And you’ll have peace of mind that your money and assets can go to the people you choose.

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